*** 50th anniversary ***



We supply special dedicated machines to only one company in each business category with confidentiality as our priority.

We are a manufacturer of automation and labor-saving machines established in 1970. Our company mainly designs and manufactures special dedicated machines. We can handle from design to production with just a single sheet of specifications. For confidentiality purposes we basically do business with one company in each business category. We have confidence in our wealth of equipment. Our company even has a cleanroom and thermostatic chamber to meet various customer needs. We do business with many major companies in Japan, such as Kao, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Fuji Electric, Hoya and etc. We also have experience in exports to Hungary, the USA, Canada, China, Thailand, the Philippines, and India.


Business Outline

We are a manufacturer of automation and labor-saving machines. Our company designs and manufactures special dedicated machines that meet customer needs. Our wealth of in-house manufacturing equipment enables us to help customers with trial manufacturing and by providing development machines. We can also perform processing and assembly according to customer-supplied drawings. Our company is available for OEM production. We can handle from design to production with just a single sheet of specifications. We have also prepared a cleanroom and thermostatic chamber.


Product Strength

Our technical advantage is the know-how we have acquired through transactions with customers in various business categories. We apply our technologies based on our various kinds of experience to the creation of previously unknown machines without sticking to stereotypes. Our company submits a conceptual drawing with detailed quotation specifications when submitting a quotation. This prevents problems with customers. Engineers develop new machines by mutual cooperation and customers are pleased with these products. This is what we aim for. We consider that full automation is the key to return on investments in Japan, so we will continue to promote the use of robotics and image recognition technologies.


Company Strength

For confidentiality purposes our company basically does business with one company in each business category. We mainly receive development orders for dedicated machines for differentiation from competitors and new machines with added specifications that specialist manufacturers cannot handle. This is done on the basis of customer trust. Our in-house part processing enables integrated production from design to assembly to meet various customer needs in a short term. We continue to create single machines under production, cost, and financial management by a computer system that we developed independently. This computer system also manages drawings


Company Structure

The sales division in our technical department is in charge of new customers. The technical department is organized from the sales division and also a design division (mechanical and electrical) as well as an assembly division. Our organization is simplified to strengthen collaboration. Staff from the sales and design departments work together when handling new orders. We hold a meeting every morning to share information from each department. Information about new inquiries and visits is quickly circulated. Our automation and labor-saving machines are exported only for Japanese companies outside Japan. We are now preparing our own system for overseas companies.

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