*** 50th anniversary ***


Corporate Outline

Address 2012-4 Shirasawa, Utsunomiya,Tochigi 329-1102, Japan
Established January 30, 1970
Capital 75 million yen
Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., LTD. (Big shareholder)
Fiscal Year End June 30
Corporate Officers President:            Hideaki ISHIKAWA
Director:              Takashi ISHIKAWA
Auditor:               Kyouichi EBISAWA (KANTO SEIKI CO., LTD. Chairman)
Auditor:               Katsuhiro FUJIU (MAEKI CORPORATION President)
Consultant:          Eiichi ISHIKAWA
Business description Design and production of automatic machines
Precise part processing, tools, and metal mold
Machine tool sales
Bank Tochigi Bank, LTD.
Ashikaga Bank, LTD.
Japan Finance Corporation


1970 Established in the present place. The capital 10 million yen
1977 Assembly hall increase
1979 The first machining Center is introduced
1981 The first NC lathe machine is introduced
The capital increase capital 30 million yen
1985 The personal computer is introduced, and it specializes in a special machine
1987 CAD introduction beginning
1988 Technological building increase
1991 The capital increase capital 75 million yen
1993 Simple Palletizer is developed
1996 Personal computer network making. Constant temperature room completion
1999 Joint development goods OEM supply beginning
2000 Introduction beginning of CAM
2001 The second joint development goods bounce OEM supply beginning
2002 The third joint development goods bounce OEM supply beginning
2004 Simple, clean room increase
2005 Electric, technological strengthening
2006 Robot technology strengthening
2007 Update of CAD system of design(AUTO CAD)
2008 Recognized “Shinrenkei” by Kanto Economic Industrial Bureau
Recognized “Tochigi Frontier Company” by Tochigi prefecture
2009 Update of production management system
2012 Establishment of the Slovak Republic honor consulate
2014 Recognized “Tochigi Frontier Company” by Tochigi prefecture again
2015 We are placed in “J-GoodTech”
2016  Update of production management system
2017  Recognized “Tochigi Frontier Company” by Tochigi prefecture again

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Related Companies
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